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If you have a lipstick that you cannot find anymore, or you would like to have a lipstick made to match something, be it an outfit, nail polish or what ever moves you, this can be done.  What we would need from you is a swatch or sample of what it is you would like us to match. If it were a lipstick we would need the tube of what’s remaining in it.  A fabric swatch would do for an outfit and if it were nail polish, I would ask that you paint a good square inch of it on a white heavy paper or card stock. 


You first need to pay for your order at the link below, Choose Custom Color Match if we are matching a color you already have in either a Lipstick or Lip gloss. Choose Custom Created if we are creating a lipstick or gloss based on your coloring and preferences. Please attach a picture of who are creating this for.


Custom Blend Services 


Secondly, you need to contact us with the link below and confirm you will be sending us your sample.  Please tell us everything we need to know about your request. We will follow up with you with an email or phone call to make sure we understand your desires.


Custom Color Match Lipstick 



Mail the swatch to:   

   LTW Custom Cosmetics, 

   32 White Street

   Westfield, MA 01085


Price $75 Lipstick (2 tubes)  Price $30 Gloss (1 tube) 





Would you like a lipstick created just for you from a makeup artist’s point of view? Fill out the form and attach a clear close up picture of yourself and fill out your preferences. I will create and name the lipstick or gloss for you! Your very own, individual shade, designed and created with your unique characteristics in mind! And the best part is, no one else will have it! It is truly custom made just for you!  Price for lipsticks includes 2 tubes


Lipstick Price (2 tubes)  $75 Gloss Price (1 tube) $30 


Click the Custom Blend Services link below to pay for your order first and choose either Custom Created Lipstick or Custom Created Lip Gloss to add to your cart. 


Custom Blend Services


Next please use the link below to tell us everything we need to know about your request.  We will follow up with an email or phone call to verify your desires.


Custom Created Lip Gloss Shade

Custom Created Lipstick Shade 




LTW is able to create a signature lipstick or lip gloss for your event! We have done this for many different venues, everything from CD Release Parties, Fashion Event Swag bags and Premiers. The possibilities are endless. Please contact us for more information. For major quantities we need at least 8-12 weeks lead time. PLEASE FILL OUT FORM BELOW